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"Here's some cookies, just for you, Flash" - Grandma
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I’m not joining!
— - Flash, They Call It An “Object Show”


Flash is seen to have a black box with a red outline. Written on the black box is "Fl” representing the word ‘flash’.


Flash started out by just being rude to the contestants. Then, in BFG 2 they used their powers to help the other contestants out so they could seem less of a rude person, with that they got lego out. From that point they started to be manipulative, but Mattress and Bean knew their schemes.

Flash continued with their schemes, but people started to get more suspicious. After mattress was out, 8-ball got suspicious of them and at the next contestant voting, their manipulative self was gone after 8ball told his contestants about flash. Flash's strategy did not last as long and they got eliminated. They say words like awesome, cool, and stupid a lot. They always think that the challenges are stupid, making Grandma angry at Them. They weren't brought back in the next episode where the other eliminated contestants got to be back for a little bit due to just being eliminated. Their final personality is not confirmed as They will be re-appearing in the second season ‘Battle for Grandma Again’.


In BFG 6 ‘angry birds space’, it was revealed during the challenge that there would be a contestant vote that episode. Flash was unable to complete the challenge(getting to the moon) and was put up for elimination. In a 4-1 vote, They were the sixth contestant eliminated from Battle for Grandma.


  • Flash is the first ever character to be eliminated due to contestant voting
  • Flash has eliminated the most characters out of anyone in the show(Lego, Matress(indirectly), PB Sandwich(debatably), and Ender Pearl)
  • Flash is one of the two Battle For Grandma contestants to be directly chosen for Battle For Salvation (the other being PB Sandwich.)