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Hey guys! Notification Bell here!
— Notification Bell, on multiple occasions

Notification Bell is a male character in BFG. He is placed 2nd and is the runner-up overall.


Notification Bell is a dark gray bell that is resistant to lava due to being made of nickel. When his parasite was planted, he became what looked like a notification bell from YouTube.


Notification Bell is a ruthless tyrant who doesn't play by the rules. He once fought Grandma for many battles but lost and was given his parasite. This parasite addicted him to social media and he wasn't in control.

His personality while controlled by the parasite, however, is much different as previously stated. He acts like a stereotypical obnoxious YouTuber. He would interrupt challenges in order to film YouTube videos as seen in They Call It An "Object Show". He also has a Twitter account which was said to be suspended according to Grandma. overall, he just couldn't stay away from social media.


In They Call It The Finale, the finale, Notification Bell showed his dark side and backstory. He then flew off to another planet, because he had some "Planets to crush." He impacted too fast and presumably died of impact.

Trivia |[]

  • He is the first character confirmed by Sacri for Battle for Grandma Again (which is now cancelled so he could make battle for salvation).